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i must belong somewhere

I've been MIA, I realize. But it doesn't matter much. I figured I'd drop a line, say hello. (to no one) But if you care at all to know...

Life is good. bad. beautiful. broken. slow. wild. monotonous. fresh. 

I'm craving summer so hardcore right now. I can feel it in my bones, smell the ocean water, feel the sun on my skin. (i just need a tan, reallyreally badly ha).  School is just so blah right now, after AP testing i was very highly considering DGAFing the rest of the year, but the Hermione Granger in me didn't allow me to follow through on that. Strangely, I'm thankful.

In other news, I lost my best friend. And in exchange, i was fortunate to meet some of the most a m a z i n g people ever. It feels like that's a horrible thing to say after losing her and I recognize that we're not friends anymore because of me. It's something i will have to come to terms with. And i still don't know how i feel about the whole thing yet. I can't feel anything in regards to it..yet. One day it'll hit me, i know it. She was an amazing person in my life whom i loved. But i guess people just grow apart. 

If you're reading this, i hope you have a beautiful day. Where ever you are.

OH, check me out here too:
^its just my ramblings and other random shit. :D

What a Feeling in My Soul

Still no writing. But really I haven't really had much time to breath anything but school. However, I have had the time to squeeze about 200 viewings of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. I really want to learn how to salsa or tango, or any other sexy dance. Like really badly. Also,

(Diego Luna, I want your babies)

ANYWAY, finals are gonna kick me in the neck. Also in the face, as well as anywhere else they feel they want to destroy me and my heart. Today is pretty much me+studying=goodbye sunday :( It's a sad, sad day. The only thing I have to look forward to is President's Day weekend. Holy crap I need days off school so bad. And sleep, sleep I need.

OH, and my school is doing Anything Goes as our spring musical. I can't be in it because I need PE credit (hello softball! :p)  but I will be all over crewing that bizz-natch. It's basically going to be 3 months of amazingness. Like Rumors, only more singing and more people. I'm so looking forward to it.

And because I can, 

So, now im gonna go hit the books which will only succeed in turning my brain into mush. :D

 I've been MIA, and it's not like it matters anyway. No one reads this. 

(And I'm perfectly okay with that.)

I thought I'd announce my presence, to myself, by doing something a little fun. What you're supposed to do, is type in these words into your iTunes, and write down that first song that pops up. 

Here I go..
Happy: Merry Happy, Kate Nash

Camisado, Panic! At the Disco 

Love Like Rockets, Angels & Airwaves

Suedehead, Morrisey

Cue the Sun, Daphne Loves Derby

I Will Follow You Into the Dark, DCFC

Technicolor Eyes, Backseat Goodbye

Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship

Intergalactic, Beastie Boys

Goodbye Horses, Garvey

Wake Up, Arcade Fire

Slow Down, The Academy Is...

Well that was fun. Hopefully, when midterms are over and I can chillax. I can start writing. 


I Sometimes Think the World is Wonderful

 When it's just good friends and yummy food.

Singing loud and dancing around the room.

Talking about books and dressing up.

These are the things I live for.  <3


Sooo, my life has just about gotten a billion times better because shiitt, I got cast in my school play. :DD When I found out, I screamed and flailed like a little girl, and I was alright with that. My friends and I had just come out of seeing FAME(which wasn't as bad as I expected) and I flipped like no other. My weekend was made of perfection after that. Even despite the huge load of homework I had. Rehearsals start tomorrow, my husband is hot..IM SO PUMPED.

Sophomore year is going just dandy if I say so myself. Despite my phone being a complete 'tard, I'm all goooood. 

Also, sidenote: Over the past, like 2 weeks I've been obsessively watching TAI tv. I've formed crushes on Bill, Butcher, Sisky, Chislett, and freaking Mike Carden. I've been stuck in my world of Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas and I thought that was enough. But hell to the naww. Because Bill himself is like this fascinating enigma I can't stop looking at. Chislett is an Aussi which in itself earns like 20 million brownie points. Butcher and Sisky steal shit and that makes my life. And Carden, well that bad ass mothatrucker has a very special place in my heart.

So I'm just gonna go stalk their album catalogue and enjoy all it offers.

thank heavin for kevin Collapse )

11 Random Questions

Because I'm entirely too bored, and why the hell not?


Q: If you were a rubber duck where would you be?

A: I'd be floating about in Joe Jonas' bathtub. Uhh...just ya know, hanging out with all my other rubber ducky friends.

Q: What is your favorite animal?
A: Definitely a tie between pandas and koalas. They're both so cute, but I'm sure they can get fierce if they have to.

Q: What was your first pet?
A: It was a bird that we named Pikachu because he had this yellow face and big round red cheeks. Such a cutie :)

Q: What did you have for breakfast?
A: I had a bowl of HoneyNut Cheerios thank you very much.

Q:  Do you collect anything?
A: Not officially. My grandpa consistently gifted me with a new kind of beanie baby every time he visited me up until I was about 10. I love him for this. But I'm still not sure why he stopped. Yes, I'm fifteen but I still friggin want my damn beanie babies. I'd just like it to go on record that I 
miss them, very much.

Q:  Ever go to camp?
A: Psshhh, no. Which I am not at all happy about. I feel like I missed out on some amazing thing, or like a kid who found out Santa wasn't real at the age of 6(it messes up childhoods, trust me). It's not like I can't still go or something. Maybe one day I will. I think that'd be super kick ass. I should put this dire need on some sort of list...

Q: What are you listening to right now?
A: Fans by Kings of Leon, mixed with fragments of a COX commercial playing in the background.

Q: Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
A: Haha, yesss. I don't drink soda. But when I'm feeling especially rebellious, I will bust out my personal favorite: Coke drank though a licorice straw. Perfection.

Q: . What was your favorite childhood TV show?
A: Oh dangg. For sure a multi-tie between Doug, Cat-Dog, Double Dare, Lizze McGuire, and As Told By Ginger. I'm horribly indecisive, it's true.

Q: Do you put on TV or music to go to sleep, or do you sleep in silence?
A: I try to sleep in silence, but then I hear too much. So I always end up falling asleep to my iPod. I even made a playlist entitled "Zzzzz." It's got some Thriving Ivory, Damien Rice, Gregory & the Hawk, Death Cab for Cutie & John Mayer.

Q:If you could be one character in a Disney movie, who would you be and why? 
A: Aurora/Sleeping Beauty hands down. I mean who wouldn't love to dance around a forest singing One Upon a Dream with the strikingly handsome Prince Phillip sort of stalking you :) plus who wouldn't want some fairies?



I'm addicted. To Skins. Which sounds dirty, but I swear it's not. Well...the show is pretty explicit but who gives a fuck ? It's this kick ass British tv show all about teenagers on drugs and having sex and partying.

It's like a mix of Degrassi and Gossip Girl. But wayway cooler, no doubt. 

Also, it doesn't hurt that everyone on the show ( aside from JJ season 3) is beautiful. It makes me want to move to Britain. Or cuss in a british accent for an insane amount of time after finishing an episode. I just finished watching all 3 seasons and now I've got nothing to watch. Well, that's over exaggerating a bit, but whatever.

BUT, i just found out a that it's gonna become a US show. However, I'm so effing mad. It's getting picked up by MTV.So I pray they don't turn it to shit.

That would break my heart into pieces.

click for the sexiness that is mitch hewerCollapse )

Movie Time

 Yesterday, I watched The Orphanage. And I've decided that what ever Guillermo del Toro associates himself with, I'm gonna watch it. Because every movie I've watched by him, is pretty much epic & kicks ass. Like I don't even care that it's all in Espanol. 

Seriously, it's that amazing.

Anyway, back to the movie. I thought it was gonna be a reallyreally cheesy scary movie. But despite the slow plot development, I was pleasantly surprised. It's this twisted, sad thriller that makes me want to watch it again. It's definitely in my top favorite movie of all time.

This summer has definitely been the one of movies. Seriously I've watched so many. It's like I have no life, quite pathetic I'd say...But that's despite the fact that everyone everywhere needs to watch this movie.

Well, no one sees this, so getting the word is gonna be kinds difficult.

*is consumed by sadness*


1/ Finding Neverland

2/ Fight Club

3/ Spirited Away

4/ The Orphanage

5/ The Lords of Dogtown

there's more of course ;)

The Things You Do,Break Me In Two

 Soooo, have you ever had that ONE friend that you kind of love despite the way they treat you ?
Like no matter how many times they make you feel like less of a person you answer every time they call ?
Or how you'll never tell them how you feel,because they'll blow it out of proportion,so you just take everything in stride ?
This friend,well she's a fragile person&I'm too damn nice.

It's not my fault I can't say no. Oh kay,so it's completely my fault. But,but-
Well I have no excuse.

I hate that I can rant over the internet,knowing safely this will probably never be read,ha.
Just needed to vent because well,I'm kind of passive aggressive. And they say pent up
emotion is bad.

my life is as boring as ever.I s t i l l have an essay to write for class next year.Plus,I've yet to post fic.
Which basically means I'm a failure at life,who procrastinates.

Woe is me.

Why Hello There.

Hii, this is kind of my lame attempt at an introduction entry thing.
But it's kind of distracting with Zac Efron in a flannel, playing on the television...


Obviously this will not become of much. So,while my brain turns to mush, all thanks to Zefron,
I shall end this before its gets much worse and boring.

Hope I can get some stuff up soon.

peaaaceee :)